To respond to the growing demand in the film recycling sector, our company is investing €30 million in expanding its film recycling capacity. To accommodate the growth, we are developing a state-of-the-art facility of 8,700 m² in Markranstädt (Germany) that will be capable of recycling 30,000 tonnes of plastic film per year. The site is an addition to an existing plant of Morssinkhof - Rymoplast in Markranstädt, thereby further anchoring ourselves into the German market. With the investment, our company is also creating up to 45 new jobs and enabling further growth into the region.

Strategic investment

“As a European leader in plastic recycling, Morssinkhof - Rymoplast services a wide range of businesses. And the demand for plastic recycling continues to grow exponentially. This strategic investment enables us to grow along with our customers,” says Rolf Morssinkhof, co-owner of the Rymoplast group.

“Morssinkhof - Rymoplast has acquired a 3.5 hectare plot on the industrial estate in Großlehna, Markranstädt. The plant is strategically located in the Eastern part of Germany, allowing us to better serve our German and Eastern European customers. Additionally, the proximity of the existing Morssinkhof - Rymoplast plant provides strong synergy benefits, which is in line with our goal to lower our carbon footprint and improve the circularity of our company.”

State-of-the-art facility

“The plastic recycling industry is constantly evolving, which leads to an increasing demand for high quality products. As a pioneer in the sector, we are therefore continually increasing our focus on higher value film applications for our customers,” says Lode Smeekens, product manager LDPE.

“Our goal is to replace virgin material with our recyclate wherever possible, to save on natural resources and at the same time offer a better regional solution for the waste fractions released in Europe. However, that can only be accomplished if we recycle using state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, our new site will be equipped with the latest machines and technology available on the market. In combination with our extensive product knowledge, this will ensure that we can continuously deliver a high quality product to our customers.”

The new site is currently still under construction, but is entering its final phase. The first customers will be able to be served by the first quarter of 2023. After completion, Rymoplast will have an annual recycling capacity of more than 100,000 tonnes rLDPE suitable for film application. The investment in Markranstädt, with an annual capacity of 30,000 tonnes, thus provides for a substantial increase in the film recycling capacity of Morssinkhof - Rymoplast.

With this investment, we provide the necessary additional capacity for further growth. Meanwhile, we are also looking ahead: with 45 new jobs, we are investing in the local job market and thereby expressing our confidence in the German market.

The mayor of Markranstädt, Mrs. Stitterich, is enthusiastic about the redevelopment of the production site. “We warmly welcome the new Morssinkhof - Rymoplast production site following the site that was already established in 2020. We are of course very happy with this new location within our municipal boundaries as well as with the jobs that will be created. A good exchange and regular communication with our local companies is very important to me. We hope that the Morssinkhof - Rymoplast group will be active and successful with us for a long time to come.”