Geesthacht/Essen, Germany. Evonik’s new multi-purpose silicones manufacturing facility in Geesthacht, Germany is now fully operational after completing final commissioning tests and gaining the necessary authority approvals. Engineers carried out small batch runs, and the essential safety assessments required for production to start, despite the added complexity posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the inauguration in January, the new plant in Northern Germany, 30 kilometers outside Hamburg, is now producing the silicones and silyl-terminated polymers (SMP’s) used for example, in parquet adhesive flooring, liquid membranes for roofing or electronical potting applications. The extra production capacities will provide Evonik customers with a faster and more reliable supply of products, and a wider choice of products such as innovative nanotechnologies.

“Fortunately, we commissioned the facility’s new tank farm before the full impact of the Covid-19 virus was realized, but still had testing to do before we could be fully operational,” said Dr. Sabine Giessler-Blank, head of the Polymer & Construction Specialties Product Line. “I’m very proud of our team and our partners’ achievements – as we still managed to complete the project on schedule despite several additional safety measures.”

The new facility strengthens Evonik’s innovation capabilities and its focus on silicone and nanotechnology specialty chemical products. These include addition-curing silicones and the SMP’s used as binders for adhesives and sealants in parquet adhesives, adhesives for wound care and other medical applications or in electronics, for example in thermally conductive polymer filling compounds for e-mobility.