MURCIA, Spain -- Eurofins Discovery is expanding its footprint to serve the growing market of outsourced drug discovery with its high-quality chemistry capabilities. Eurofins Villapharma is Eurofins Discovery's flagship center for synthetic chemistry, focused on supporting growth in chemistry services and Eurofins Discovery's integrated drug discovery business, branded DiscoveryOne™.

Eurofins Discovery's new building in Murcia, Spain more than doubles current chemistry services capacity for drug discovery, enabling continual growth into the future.

A new 63,000 square foot facility will initially support chemical synthesis and purification, more than doubling Eurofins Discovery's current capacity. The state-of-the-art facility will provide chemistry capacity and capabilities and enable new, associated services.  The building's design utilizes lean principles, optimizing sample and supply flows with laboratories demonstrating a modern and functional design to support industry demand for key productivity metrics. The $14M investment provides the facility and footprint for continual growth into the future.

Located in Murcia, Spain, the new site preserves the proximity to the original Eurofins Villapharma site. Historically, Villapharma has been associated with the University of Murcia, the largest university in the area, that is well known for creating the Medicinal Chemistry Chair that provides training and education to Ph.D. candidates.  Eurofins Villapharma continues to support students in their Ph.D., adding value to the community while gaining access to a pipeline of well-trained chemists to meet the new building's additional capacity. 

The construction project is scheduled to conclude in September of 2020, with the laboratory build-out and grand opening in early 2021.