On 9 October 2012 the PVC manufacturer Vinnolit officially launched the expansion of its E-PVC plant Burghausen in the “Chemical Triangle” in South-East Bavaria. Thereby, the production capacity of the world's largest plant for the production of paste PVC increases to 100,000 tons per year. This further strengthens the company's leading market position in specialty PVC.

Vinnolit is the global market leader in the manufacture of specialty PVC,. The dynamic markets, in particular, Eastern Europe, Turkey, China, India and Brazil offer excellent growth opportunities, which Vinnolit is going to use by investing in greater production capacities and innovative products. "The precondition for success is our highly qualified staff, decades of experience, modern facilities and an outstanding product and service quality," said Dr Ralph Ottlinger, Managing Director of Vinnolit, at the commissioning of the expanded facility on 9 October.

At the Burghausen site, the E-PVC plant has been expanded gradually over the last two years and the production capacity has now been increased from 91,000 tons to 100,000 tons E-PVC per year. Thus, the world's largest plant for the production of paste PVC has extended its lead further. Already in 2010, the capacity for lacquer resins in the Burghausen Copo-plant was extended. For these upgrades a total of about 9 million euros have been invested. The PVC products of the E-plant are used amongst others for the production of vinyl wallpaper, flooring, artificial leather, textile membranes and in automotive interiors and are exported worldwide. "The rapidly growing demand in Russia and Ukraine remains of paramount importance to continue our success; and we expect significant momentum from the Chinese market," said commercial director Wolfram Prößdorf. With this completed expansion in Burghausen and the announced investment in Cologne for 2014, Vinnolit´s capacity in specialty PVC will increase to a total of 520,000 tons per year.

Symbolic push of the button (l. to r.): Dr Josef Christ, Head of the production team E-PVC Vinnolit, Dr Dieter Gilles, Site Manager Burghausen, Wacker Chemie AG, Dr Josef Ertl and Dr Ralph Ottlinger, Managing Directors Vinnolit, Dr Hans Seidl, Head of the Vinnolit Supervisory Board (Photo: Willmerdinger).