Guildford, UK - In recognition of the key role the company plays in the industrial economy of the region, BOC has been awarded a grant of over GBP 600,000 to modernise and upgrade its facilities at Middlesbrough. The grant has been made from the Government’s Tees Valley Investment Programme announced by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson.

BOC is to refurbish its main Air Separation Unit at the site, improving its efficiency by integrating the latest technologies into the unit. When complete, the project should deliver energy savings of nearly 4MW to the operation of the unit, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by around 20,000 tonnes a year. At the same time, the company is developing a new Trailer Hydrogen (TH) facility at Teesport to serve other businesses in the area with bulk hydrogen supplies.

While the area has been hit by some big name closures, other businesses are moving into the area. The work being carried out by BOC will align the supply of industrial gases more closely to the needs of the existing industrial infrastructure – as well as preparing for a number of new green business opportunities that are opening up in the area.

The work is a key part of BOC’s long term strategy as a continuing key player in the region’s industrial base. The upgrade to the ASU and the development of the Trailer Hydrogen facility will directly protect 40 jobs at BOC and support a number of other businesses in the region.

Commenting on the decision, BOC’s Managing Director Mike Huggon said: “We are grateful for the support of One North East, the North East Process Industry Cluster and Tees Valley Regeneration – it has been invaluable in achieving a swift response to our application. This grant is in recognition of the key role that BOC plays in the local economy. The investment that BOC and One North East are making in these two projects will help other businesses in the region – not just BOC – move towards a greener and more sustainable future.”