Poligal, the manufacturer of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and cast polypropylene (CPP) film, announces the start up of its new plant in Poland, a project with an investment of 40 million euros in its new BOPP film extrusion line.

The new plant initially includes a Brückner 5-layer, 8.7 m wide extrusion line, with a production capacity of 40,000 tonnes/year of BOPP film. During 2018, the project includes a new metallisation line.

The plant is located in Skarbimierz, 60 km southeast of the city of Wroclaw. The main objective of this new plant is to improve service in Central Europe, being able to offer quicker response times. The chosen location offers Poligal the possibility of only being two hours away from Germany, as well as being in the heart of the growing flexible packaging market in Poland, where Poligal was already present.

This new line allows Poligal to develop its competitiveness in certain product segments such as films for labels and will strengthen its capacity to develop new films for special applications. It will also make it possible to offer Europe's major converters and end users coverage throughout the entire continent and a full production backup with the existing plants in Spain and Portugal.

This new plant has been the main investment in Poligal's strategic plan, with a strong focus on growth, internationalisation and technological development. According to Santiago Font, CEO of Poligal, ‘The company's goal is to grow in size and improve geographic coverage while remaining a medium-sized supplier focused on manufacturing high-quality films, offering a high level of service and close cooperation with its clients in the development of innovation projects’.

This investment is carried out in compliance with European standards on safety and environmental protection. Poligal is part of Grup Peralada.