MIDLAND, Mich. -  Dow announced a series of incremental methyl cellulose capacity investments to help construction dry mix customers secure reliable supply of key additives for this expanding area. These capacity increases are part of a multi-phase investment plan for construction chemicals and demonstrate the Company’s commitment to the dry mix industry.

Dow will increase capacity in methyl cellulose production at its manufacturing facilities in Bomlitz and Bitterfeld, Germany, supporting customer requirements for high quality cellulose ether products. Collectively, these expansion projects represent a 19,000 metric ton increase in capacity for Dow’s WALOCEL™ and METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers, which are used in a variety of applications for tile adhesives, grouts, fillers, levellers and joint compounds; reinforcing and bonding mortars for External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS); gypsum plasters; and cement-based renders. The new capacities are expected to come online in 2019 and 2020.

“We believe the industry will welcome these capacity announcements as further proof of our sustained growth strategy and commitment to supplying high quality, innovative raw materials that help serve the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic construction industry,” said Jane Palmieri, Business President, Dow Polyurethanes, Chlor-Alkali & Vinyl and Construction Chemicals. “Our customers not only need to meet current demand for such products, but also to drive ongoing performance enhancements in a competitive market. For this reason, we sustain our commitment to innovation and aim to broaden our product portfolio with differentiated solutions. ”

Dow collaborates with customers with a vision for continual sustainable development of the built environment. The business offers a wealth of solutions based on four key technology platforms: cellulose ether, redispersible latex powder, acrylic emulsion and silicone. Alongside this comprehensive portfolio comes deep application and material science expertise, which enables innovation. Recent examples include the development of WALOCEL™ Xtra Cellulose Ether for enhanced performance of gypsum-based products; PRIMAL™ EC-5210 PU Acrylic Polyurethane Emulsion for liquid-applied membranes with waterproofing performance; and ECOGROUND™ Water-based Acrylic Binder solution for sports tracks that was recognized by R&D 100.




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