The construction of Poligal's new plant in Poland started last January. The plant is located in the Skarbimierz special economic zone, 30 Km from Wrocław in Southwest Poland. It will hold initially an 8.7m wide Brückner 5 layer BOPP extrusion line as well as metallization capacity. According to Poligal Skarbimierz's plant director Krzysztof Marcisz who is supervising the construction, "the first elements from the Brückner line are being received on site since end of May and we intend to complete the installation and start trials during the last quarter of the year. Simultaniously to the line installation and construction, we are making progress with the recruitment process and training programs in other Poligal locations with the aim to create a high class specialist team."
Poligal intends to start production in Poland in early 2017. The plant in Skarbimierz will produce a wide range of standard BOPP film grades (transparent, white, matt and metallized films), while some other speciality and tailor made films will continue to be produced in Poligal's plant in Spain.