Arkema is announcing a 15% debottlenecking of its bis-peroxide capacity in both its Spinetta (Italy) and Franklin (Virginia) factories. This new capacity will allow Arkema to respond immediately to strong demand in the synthetic rubber crosslinking industry, in particular in Asia, and to support recent developments in fast-growing markets.

This increase capacity, already effective, is the first stage of a multi-step plan which intends to grow the global bis-peroxide capacity by 30% by end 2014.

With its two brands Luperox® and Vulcup®, Arkema is the world leader in the production of bis-peroxide (Bis-Isopropylbenzene-Peroxide), an organic peroxide largely used in the crosslinking of rubber in various sectors such as wire & cable, automotive and footwear. The bis-peroxide market is expected to grow by some 6%/year in the 3 main regions of Asia, Americas and Europe.

Arkema has recently developed the Luperox® FreeO grade which provides an alternative to current crosslinking technologies used extensively today in the foamed EVA industry, as it has the advantage of producing no strong smelling and persistent VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), a characteristic which has become a major expectation especially for footwear manufacturers.

“This new capacity will further strengthen our leadership position in bis-peroxide. But above all, it will allow Arkema to follow the growth of our clients, which is expected to be strong especially in Asia. Arkema will also be able to serve new customers that make the choice to replace traditional crosslinking agents with more eco-friendly bis-peroxide” indicated Manny Katz, Global Group President, Organic Peroxides.