Kohtla-Järve Industrial Park is located in a Kohtla-Järve’s traditional industrial area. The park is located in the Ehitajate tee district, 1 km from Tallinn-St. Petersburg highway. On the park there are railways connected to Tallinn-St. Petersburg.

The chemical park is the headquarters to Viru Keemia Grupp, an Estonian holding group of oil shale industry, power generation and public utility companies. Eastman Chemical Company (US) also has a manufacturing site located in Kohtla-Järve.


Total n.a.
Free 345.0 hectare

Companies, who have a potential interest in doing business in Kohtla-Järve Industrial Park are invited to participate in planning process, which will help to plan grounds with suitable requirements.

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Highway yes The industrial park is located on Uus-Tehase street and Ehitajate tee district, 1 km from Tallinn-St. Petersburg highway.
Railway yes A big part of the industrial park is located near offshoot railways connected to Tallinn-St. Petersburg railroad.
Waterway no
Sea harbor no


  • Sodium Benzoate (powder and granular)
  • Benzoic acid
  • Benzoate Ester Plasticizers
  • Aromatic (modified) Hydrocarbon Resins C5/C9
  • Rosin Resins (Natural resins: gum rosin or colophony)
  • Hexane (63/75 solvent)
  • Toluene (fractions and high grade solvent)
  • Benzene (fraction)
  • Xylene (fraction)
  • Pygas
  • Naphtha and Naphtalene(fraction)
  • Fuel Oils: Gasoil, Gasoline, Marine Fuels
  • High Octane gasoline component
  • Less than 0.1 sulphur heavy oil
  • Ammonia
  • Urea