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Hellisheiði , Hengill
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About Hellisheiði ON-Power

The ON-Power location in Hellisheiði is aiming at chemical companies looking for a smooth way to set up and run their new business. Iceland is characterized as a fast paced, focused and company friendly as well as being an efficient and dynamic business environment.

Hellisheiði is the perfect location for energy dependent industries that require sustainable and green energy.

  • Green image and zero carbon footprint
  • One of the world’s most reliable power infrastructures
  • High level of education and flexible labour market
  • Cool climate location between the USA and Europe
  • Access to markets in the USA and Europe
  • Free trade agreement between Iceland and China
  • Favourable business environment with official support
  • Low taxes and legislative framework
  • Economic gain through cost efficiencies
  • European and Scandinavian regulatory framework
  • Political and social stability and low crime rates


Total n.a.
Free n.a.

Land is available for industrial development

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Highway yes International airport within 75km
Railway no
Waterway no
Sea harbor no 2 harbours (within in 30 and 65km)


  • Power (Renewable)
  • Steam
  • Brine
  • Fresh water
  • Geothermal gas (CO2, H2, N2, H2S)