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About Chemelot

The chemical site is characterized by two major product lines; naphtha/gasoil through hydrocarbons to plastics and natural gas through ammonia to organic and specialty chemicals. Around these lines several opportunities for co-siting have been realized and are still available. A full scale utility platform, waste water purification, the permit structure and other industrial services lead to a low cost and efficient production site. With research facilities the open Campus supports accelerated business growth for both running business and start-ups. Chemelot offers these opportunities also to new investors, which fit in the Chemelot profile. Chemelot is a department of DSM Nederland B.V.

Established Companies

  • Air Liquide
  • AnQore
  • Carbolim
  • Borealis Plastomers DSM Engineering Plastics
  • Fibrant
  • OCI Nitrogen
  • Polyscope Polymers
  • QCP
  • Sekisui S-Lec
  • Vynova


Airports of Maastricht Aachen, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Köln-Bonn and Liége are located within a circle of 100 km.

Several logistic service providers, located on Chemelot or direct surroundings can take care of the product flow of investors on Chemelot.


Total n.a.
Free 50.0 hectare

For chemical investments 50 ha of land is still available. Another 50 ha is available for chemical/industrial service providers.

Most of the land is brown field with co-siting opportunities. On the Campus office space and laboratories can be rented for start up companies.

Number of employees 5400

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Highway yes The highways A2 (Amsterdam-Eindhoven-Liege) and A76 (Antwerp-Köln) are directly connected to Chemelot's gates.
Railway yes The railway Maastricht-Eindhoven has a direct link to the internal railnet of Chemelot.
Waterway yes The waterway Juliana Canal is at a distance of 3 km of Chemelot and connected with pipelines, roads and a Chemelot owned railway.
Sea harbor no


Naphtha/gasoil through hydrocarbons to plastics and natural gas through ammonia to organic and specialty chemicals.



Naphta and gasoil are processed to plastics; several components are available for co-siting options. This is also valid for the natural gas chemistry, leading to ammonia, ureum, fertilizers, organic chemical products, fine and specialty chemicals. Other feedstock can easily be transported via ship, railcar or truck. The site logistics are in place.

Pipelines connect Chemelot with the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, but also with the Rhine/Ruhr area.


Delivery of electricity, steam (several pressures), natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen, instrument air and compressed air, drinking water, raw water, demin water ; intake of steam, waste gas, carbon black oil, residues. Support in Emission Trading system Europe.


Most site users of Chemelot invest in their own logistic assets. There is a tendency for logistic service providers to invest in storage and warehousing on the Chemelot site. Outside the Chemelot site various assets and services are in place and developing.

​Companies​ ​at​ ​Brightlands​ ​Chemelot​ ​Campus

  • ​Aachen-Maastricht​ ​Institute​ ​for​ ​Biobased​ ​Materials
  • Avantium
  • Basic​ ​Pharma
  • Brightlands​ ​Materials​ ​Center
  • Chemelot​ ​InSciTe
  • Chemtrix
  • Dried​ ​Blood​ ​Spot​ ​Laboratories
  • DSM​ ​Advanced​ ​Surfaces
  • DSM​ ​Dyneema
  • DSM​ ​Engineering​ ​Plastics
  • Enzypep
  • Flowid
  • GFBiochemicals
  • INterface​ ​BIOmaterials
  • Isobionics
  • Kriya​ ​Materials
  • Matisse
  • Mitsubishi​ ​Engineering-Plastics
  • Neuroplast
  • PharmaCell
  • Reverdia
  • Sappi
  • Xilloc
  • Yparex


Waste water purification

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