Air Liquide SA is a France-based company engaged in the production of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and other industrial and medical gases. The Company divides its activities between Gas and Services and Engineering and Construction. Gas and Services activities are divided by customer segments: large industries, which manages major production units for customers in the steel, chemicals and refining industries; industrial merchants, which supplies gases and services to industries of all sizes requiring variable quantities; healthcare, which supplies medical gases, hygiene products, equipment and services to hospitals and patients; and electronics, which supplies gas and services for the production of semi-conductors, flat panels and photovoltaic panels. Engineering and Construction activities include the construction of production units (air separation units (ASUs), hydrogen production units).

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16 February 2018

Partners agree on initial funding to kick off waste-to-chemistry project in Rotterdam

A consortium of companies comprising Air Liquide, AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals, Enerkem and the Port of Rotterdam has signed a project development agreement covering initial investments in an advanced waste-to-chemistry facility in Rotterdam. The facility will be the first of its kind in Europe to provide a sustainable alternative solution for non-recyclable wastes, converting waste plastics and other mixed wastes into new raw materials.

5 November 2015

World premiere: Air Liquide inaugurates its CO₂ cold capture system, Cryocap™

Cryocap™ enables the capture of CO2 emissions resulting from the production of hydrogen, leading to an increased hydrogen production. After being purified, the captured CO2 can be used to meet a variety of industrial needs for carbonic gas supply (carbonation of sparkling beverages, food preservation and freezing, etc.). The Cryocap™ unit has an annual capture capacity of 100 000 tonnes of CO2 at this site.