• From 2025, Viridian will reach a production capacity of 25,000 tonnes per year of battery grade lithium hydroxide with expansion phases reaching a capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year by 2030.
  • Viridian selected a fully permitted site in Eastern France with direct access to the Rhine. The industrial site benefits from trimodal transport facilities (rail, water, road).
  • The project will provide opportunities for skilled employment and generate up to 250 direct jobs and 600 indirect jobs across the expansion phases.
  • Viridian’s battery grade lithium products are expected to have the lowest CO2 intensity globally.
  • Technip Energies to complete a bankable feasibility study with a view to enter an EPC contract.
  • Veolia Water Technologies have commenced a detailed test work programme to validate Viridian’s bespoke process engineering design.



Supported by Bpifrance Strasbourg from inception, Viridian Lithium is committed to building the first independent lithium refining and conversion plant in Europe to produce battery grade lithium chemicals.

Viridian selected the fully permitted industrial site of Lauterbourg in Alsace within the French Grand Est Region. The site has direct trimodal access and benefits from onsite container and heavy load lifting facilities on the Rhine river. The 20ha footprint of the site will allow for the construction of up to 100,000 tonnes of production capacity for battery grade lithium chemicals, or the equivalent of 2 million electric vehicles per year.

France and the European Union have the ambition to build the supply chain for the production of electric vehicles and accelerate the transition to green mobility. Viridian will play an essential role in achieving those objectives.


Viridian chose the Grand Est Region for strategic reasons. Viridian's headquarters in Strasbourg, a European capital, is located in the heart of the centres of excellence in chemistry and materials physics. Furthermore, the Grand Est Region has developed a dynamic ecosystem in terms of supporting companies and accelerating their industrial projects.

The Grand Est Region is also recognised as an industrial epicentre of the automotive production value chain in Europe and allows Viridian to build its facilities in alignment with the development of electric vehicle supply chains.

Viridian will have the opportunity to create up to 250 direct jobs in Alsace and 600 indirect jobs during the construction phases of production lines.


Thanks to the French low-carbon energy mix and an innovative industrial approach, Viridian is expected to produce battery-grade lithium chemicals with the lowest carbon intensity in the world.

The supply of lithium hydroxide for electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries comes almost exclusively from ore concentrates, requiring carbon-intensive pyrometallurgical conversion processes. To bring a low-carbon solution to the European value chain, Viridian will focus on refining and converting low-carbon lithium salts, with innovative monitoring of chemical purification and conversion processes. Viridian will enable European car manufacturers to meet Europe's carbon neutral targets.


Viridian has engaged with Technip Energies to complete the bankable feasibility study for an EPC partnership. Technip Energies is an ideal partner to ensure the feasibility and proper execution of this leading project. Their expertise in engineering and management of industrial projects, accompanied by a continuous low-carbon requirement, is an essential asset for the success of the project. Viridian has started a test programme with Veolia Water Technologies to validate process engineering, an integral part of the final feasibility study. Veolia Water Technologies is a world leader in process and technology solutions for refining and purification of lithium chemicals.

Viridian has also signed an agreement to advance a research project with CEA Liten to undertake performance tests of the end lithium hydroxide product on cathodes and lithium-ion battery cells. CEA Liten is a major player in research, development and innovation with a recognised centre of expertise in the field of batteries.

Rémy Welschinger, president of Viridian Lithium: "We are very proud to announce the launch of this unique project in France, in the heart of Europe. Our expertise in battery grade lithium production, coupled with the support and dynamism of the French ecosystem will ensure the transition to electric mobility accelerates and fulfils the European Commission's zero-carbon ambitions."