San Donato Milanese (MI) - Versalis is preparing to make new investments to develop the Ravenna industrial site, which is strategic in the elastomers production chain, to increase capacity for high value-added products.  

The aim is to further expand the production mix of highly specialized elastomers in particular, thermoplastic rubbers, polybutadiene and SBR destined for the rapidly developing and transforming tire and automotive sector.

Administrative authorizations have already been requested from the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security in order to start the executive phase of the project, which envisages an investment of about 80 million euros, by 2023.  

"This development project," says Adriano Alfani, CEO of Versalis, "is part of the broader specialization strategy of our portfolio, accelerates the development of high-performance products and for sustainable mobility, and strengthens our presence in a virtuous territory like Ravenna.  

Ravenna represents a strategic and historic site for Eni and Versalis. In addition to the production of monomers and elastomers, here the chemical company has a specialized Research Center committed to various innovative projects, including the development of rubbers with raw material content from renewable or recycled sources, and new products for the high-end tire sector, with a focus on performance and sustainability.  

In the four-year period 2022-2025 in Ravenna, Versalis has planned investments of 120 million euros, all of which have been earmarked for industrial redevelopment. Around 50 new hires have been made at the site in 2022, 85 percent of them from Ravenna and its province.