EMMEN   Sunoil Biodiesel, one of the leading parties in the production of bio fuels in the Netherlands, acquired the biodiesel plant in Kampen. Agreement has been reached on this with the administrator of the factory, Reinier Quint of Nysingh lawyers in Zwolle. The factory in Kampen was declared bankrupt on 26 August following a major trade fraud.

Sunoil Biodiesel takes over all the assets of the factory (real estate, installations and machines) and will restart production as soon as possible. Initially with five employees, but that number can grow to around 15 in the coming months. The production of the company has stopped for several months. Sunoil expects to be able to turn the bio diesel plant into a profitable operation. In addition, the company will comply with all legal regulations in the field of biofuels.

The purchase contact is closed under the condition of, among other things, permission from the Dutch market authority ACM. It is expected that it will take several months to close the transaction.  No further announcements will be made until that time. Financial details of the transaction are not disclosed by Sunoil.


Profile Sunoil Biodiesel
Sunoil Biodiesel started in 2006 with bio diesel production. With a total of 25 employees, the company is active on the European market with a production location in Emmen and storage locations in, among others, Rotterdam. Sunoil is at the forefront of making its process and product more sustainable and, with a production capacity of around 100,000 metric tons, makes a major contribution to making the transport sector more sustainable.