Akzo Nobel has opened one of Europe’s most modern factories for water treatment chemicals at its Skoghall site in Sweden.

The new plant will produce 35,000 tons of ferric chlorides a year, which will be used for treating wastewater, drinking water and water from the process industry. The Skoghall operation will also be one of the sales centers for the whole range of Akzo Nobel’s water treatment chemicals.

“This plant further strengthens Akzo Nobel’s market position for chemicals for water treatment,” said Werner Fuhrmann, general manager of the company’s Base Chemicals business.

“Skoghall is an ideal location for our new factory because it has easy access to all the necessary raw materials from other parts of the site. We have combined Akzo Nobel’s know-how about water treatment chemicals to provide our customers with improved products and services.”

Skoghall site (pictured) also manufactures various other chemical products, such as chlorine, caustic soda, monochloroacetic acid and hydrochloric acid.