The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG) hereby announces that it has decided to increase its annual production capacity of SoarnoL™ ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH) resin by 21,000 tons in the United Kingdom. The production increase is slated to take effect in July 2025.

SoarnoL™ is a high gas-barrier resin used to produce packaging materials that help prolong the flavor and quality of foods, resulting in reduced food waste. In addition, multilayer films containing SoarnoL™ are certified as highly recyclable in combination with MCG’s recycling compatibilizer Soaresin™*. With increasing needs for eco-friendly products, MCG anticipates solid growth in global demand for SoarnoL™ in the coming years.

Positioning healthcare & life science as one of the most important strategic focus under the new management policy “Forging the future,” which was announced in December 2021, MCG will continue to contribute to a sustainable food supply by developing and promoting food packaging materials and other high performance materials.

Expansion details

  • Production capacity : 39,000 tons/year (Increased by 21,000 tons/year from the current production capacity of 18,000 tons/year)
  • Start of construction : April 2023
  • Start of operation : July 2025