2018 saw the biggest ever overhaul of Lucite International’s (LI) Cassel plant at Teesside in the UK. Over three and a half years in the planning; costing in excess of £17 million ($20 million); and involving over 1,000 contractors, this year’s overhaul took place in March, just as the worst winter weather in living memory hit the UK. Andy Brothwood, Cassel’s Overhaul Manager explains the challenges of 2018 and the commitment to Cassel’s long-term operational capability, demonstrated by MCC’s ongoing investment in the plant.

LI’s approach to overhauls at Cassel is constantly evolving. Since becoming Overhaul Manager in 2014, Andy Brothwood’s intention has always been to develop the way the business approaches and thinks about its overhauls. The sign on his office wall reading “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!” neatly summarises his philosophy of the need for continuous improvement.

Consequently, for the 2018 event a greater emphasis was placed on the overhaul preparation phase than ever before and specific owners were allocated to drive improvement in key areas (SHE, Quality, Training, Operations, Planning, Infrastructure etc.).


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