Essen - Evonik has increased production capacity for ThreAMINO® (L-Threonine) at Evonik Agroferm Zrt., a 100 percent subsidiary of the Group in Kaba (Hungary), to 30,000 metric tons. The plant expansion officially came on stream on November 22 in the presence of representatives of the Hungarian government.

"The expansion of the plant in Kaba is a milestone for the growth strategy of Evonik in the area of feed amino acids," says Dr. Stefan Mack, Head of Product Management in the Bioproducts Business Line of Evonik. "We now have a world-scale plant for ThreAMINO® with state-of-the-art technology."

The fermentation and processing capacity was also increased as part of the expansion. Thanks to state-of-the-art membrane filtration and crystallization technologies, the yield achieved in the process has also increased. The additional quantities enable Evonik to meet the increasing demand for L-Threonine (feed grade 98.5 per cent) and to contribute to efficient animal nutrition.

L-Threonine, which Evonik markets under the brand name ThreAMINO®, is an essential amino acid that the body cannot produce itself. The animals therefore have to consume it with the feed. An optimal threonine content improves feed intake, weight gain, and the nutritional value of the feed. In contrast, nitrogen release is reduced because the crude protein content of the feed is balanced out according to the nutritional requirement of the animals.

Evonik is the only company in the world that produces and sells all four essential amino acids used in advanced animal nutrition: MetAMINO® (DL-Methionine), Biolys® (L-Lysine-Source), ThreAMINO® (L-Threonine) and TrypAMINO® (L-Tryptophan). 

Evonik offers innovative products and services in more than one hundred countries and thus makes a significant contribution to customer cost efficiency as well as to a healthy and environmentally friendly animal feed.