Borealis Polymers in Beringen has received a EUR 1.4 million strategic investment grant from the Flemish Minister of Economy. The Flemish operating unit is currently optimizing its production process.

The Borealis group – an international player in the petrochemical industry –, is investing EUR 25 million in the existing plant in Beringen. The company is procuring a brand-new packing and transshipment system, among other things, and is investing heavily in techniques to further optimize the production process.

The plant in Beringen produces polyethylene and polypropylene, chemicals that that can be made into household goods, furniture, furnishings & fabrics as well as in the communication-, computer- and medical sectors.

The Borealis group has three other business units in Flanders: Zwijndrecht, Kallo and Mechelen. Thanks to these investments, 45 new jobs will be created at the division in Beringen; that brings the total number of employees in Flanders to 625.