AIQBE closed the year 2018 coping with a fifth of the industrial overall production of Andalucía with a total of 9,575 million € from the regional of 49,638 million € as the Annual Report states for the latest year

The year result was publicly reported on July the 17th of 2019 en la “Federación Onubense de Empresarios” (FOE). The major of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, the regional minister of Treasury, Industry and Energy of the Regional Government of Andalucía, Juan Bravo and the president of AIQBE, Carlos Ortiz, presented to the public this report with the main indicators from the 2018 report, that states too that a 27% come from exports while some 41% was sent to other regions within Spain.

Overall, the 15 factories – from the 14 companies within AIQBE – grew in 2018 a total of 13.6% from the previous year.

On their part, the income from the companies was 10,526 million €, a number that compared with activity costs (9,500 million €) and other parameters, leave and EBITDA of 1,270 million €.

 A total of 10,136 jobs were related to these industries in Huelva, adding directs (2,231), indirects (5,562) and induced (2,343). From the direct jobs, 70% have high degree studies as University or High School Professional Diploma with a total of 92% of permanent positions.

The companies within AIQBE directed a total of 1,400 courses with a total of 160,000 h in total, benefited a total of 7,500 people, with special emphasis on Dual Professional Education.

A total of 256 million € were invested (1.18% more than last year) for a total of 933 million € on the last 5 years.

Furthermore, the data from logistics show that AIQBE companies registered 24,281,938 tonnes of product output and 23,066,519 million tonnes in raw materials and auxiliary.”