Huelva, 12th of July 2018.
The companies that form part of “Asociación de Industrias Químicas, Básicas y Energéticas de Huelva” (AIQBE) generated an economic impact of 1.9 billion in Huelva regional area, as a main consequence of goods and services adquisition from auxiliary companies and salary expenditure. The dynamism that the sector gives to the employment is reflected on the employment rates for a total of 9,558 employees between direct, indirect and induced. All this data has been explained today on the AIQBE 2017 Memories, that gathers the main indicatives of the sector. This has been presented in an act where the president of “Junta de Andalucía”, Susana Díaz, the Mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz and the president of AIQBE took part.

Industrial production of AIQBE associates reached last year 8.431 billion € that means an increase of 2.6% over last year. This generated an exploitation income of 11.145 billion €. The ebitda was of 1.429 billion €, more than double than last exercise. By sectors, oil refine, GNL re-gasification and transport and storage of fuel meant a 59.7% of the total, followed by copper metallurgy, 20.6% and basic chemical products, 15.7%. Fertisilers and energetic production amounted for a 2% each. Most of the production was sent out of Andalusia, to the national territory (42%) or abroad (30%).

High quality employment
Employment is used as one of the main indicatives of economic development. In this sense, 2,175 direct employees are vinculated to AIQBE companies during 2017, a similar number than that of 2016. As other years this is a high stability sector with a 92% of permanent positions and of quality with a 58% of employees with high education degrees.
In total, more than 120 million € has been invested on salaries on top of 30.5 million € paid to the “Seguridad Social” (national health system and pensions entity).

More than 250 million on investment
The companies that integrate AIQBE invested a total of 253.4 million €, a 33.6% increase over last year with almost 64 million more. This data are increasing continuously since 2014 that means over 800 million € invested by AIQBE companies on its production centres in the last five years.

Environmental behaviour
The high volume of investment in 2017, mainly in production, environmental protection and energetic efficiency on the production centres of AIQBE associates had direct impact on the decrease of effluent and emissions values on the line of continuous improvement of the companies, that is further away than just abiding the law. On the first case, effluent values have come to 7.28 hm3 from 7.47 hm3 and on CO2 emissions the companies come to a 3,234 ktons on 2017 from 3,452 ktons in 2016.
Albeit non-dangerous waste has increased, 97% of them could be recycled or recuperated, for a 7% less total on not re-used waste from 2016. Nevertheless, the total amount of this waste generated was a 6% less than in 2017.

Permanent social compromise
The Association and the different companies on its own initiative have an intense program of Corporate Social Responsibility, with activities that influence Huelva inhabitants on many faces: education, social action and assistance, heritage conservation, sport promotion and healthy life style or cultural activities.

Education and formation are cornerstones for AIQBE activities in this field remarking “Un café con industria” (Taking coffee with industry) where university students from Huelva can have a direct contact with the sector, knowing from first hand and in depth its working and the vision from its professionals. From 2016, AIQBE and its associates have promoted Dual-Professional Education. Combining theoretical lessons with first-hand experience on the production centres with long-experience professionals is an ideal tool to achieve better professionals for tomorrow. Dual-Professional Education is an excellent way to improve youngster’s employability and attend the real necessities of the work market.

Also, it is important to note the tight relationship between AIQBE and its associates with the University. To advance, industry needs innovation on a good measure and research is fundamental for it. That way a public-private relation between University and companies is a centreline for the Association. One of the goals for “Cátedra AIQBE” (AIQBE special fund for research), developed with University of Huelva, is to support research that can be transferred to the private companies. This adds to different funds individually promoted from other AIQBE members on the aforementioned University as well as the La Rabida’s campus for the Andalusia’s International University.

AIQBE has 14 members that account for 15 production centres on Huelva and Palos de la Frontera, being the most significative industrial centre in Andalusia and one of the first amongst Spain.