Turmoil ahead for crude oil pricing

30 July 2017

What would happen to the chemical industry if the price of oil continued to be volatile? And is it possible that it could continue to be priced at a relatively low level for a long time?

Crude oil prices remain volatile and relatively low in recent historical terms, so what does this mean for the chemical industry and its green agenda? And will political moves in the US see a continued reduced emphasis on cutting carbon emissions

Written by Sietse Wiersma (president ECSPP) in the 2017, July issue of ICIS Chemical Business, the article explores several possible developments in the world and the effects of these developments on the oil price and the future of the chemical industry. read more>>



  • Oil price impacts (pdf - 530 KB)
    issue #7, 20 July 2017, ICIS Chemical Business, kindly provided by ICIS for publication on chemicalparks.eu
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