INEOS Phenol announced it is planning to build a world scale Cumene in Germany with planned start up in 2020.

The construction of a new cumene plant will support customer demand improve the security of raw material supply to INEOS phenol and acetone plants located in Gladbeck and Antwerp.

INEOS Phenol is the world largest producer of phenol and acetone and the largest consumer of cumene, which is an essential raw material. This investment reinforces its commitment to its customers across its world markets.

The company has confirmed that the unit will use Badger cumene technology and a full study of investment options is to be completed by the end of 2017.

“Our plan to invest in our own world scale cumene plant with best in class technology shows a clear commitment to our European Phenol sites and our business” said Hans Casier, CEO of INEOS Phenol. “We expect a full study of investment options will be complete by the end of this year.”

“INEOS Phenol already owns and operates one of the world’s largest single train cumene plant at its Pasadena site in Texas, which uses Badger proprietary technology. We are delighted that INEOS Phenol has also chosen us for this new and exciting project.” said Dana Johnson, President of Badger.