The Counselor for Employment, Business and Commerce, José Sánchez Maldonado, has announced that Grupo ENCE is to begin the works on a new low emission biomass energetic Power Plant in Huelva that will produce 50MW.

He has also reminded that the “Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía” (IDEA) has open convocatories for enterprises and companies that want to get option to get help, not only for the ones yet operating in the región but also for the ones that might want to operate here.

The new power plant that ENCE will build in Huelva, where the energetic group has nowadays an installed power of 90MW will also count with state of the art environmental technology and will be a great impulse for economic activity and employment creation.

Biomass consumption will, with this new plant running, rise up to 400.000 tons/yr (140MW power) and also will help in CO2 emissions reduction as in consequence, mitigation of Climate Change, due to biomass being the most balanced technology in CO2 emission area.

With this power plant, AIQBE consolidates itself as a reference in electric generation in Spain with more than 2.000MW of power installed.