Tessenderlo - VYNOVA Group recently acquired by ICIG from INOVYN, announces the construction of a new membrane electrolysis facility with a nominal annual capacity of up to 100.000 tonnes of Chlorine and 150.000 tonnes of Potassium Hydroxide solution.

The facility at VYNOVA’s Tessenderlo site in Belgium will replace the existing mercury cellroom. At the same site VYNOVA is already running a membrane electrolysis for 270.000 tonnes Chlorine and 300.000 tonnes of Caustic Soda. Furthermore VYNOVA and INOVYN are joint venture partners in a membrane electrolysis for 450.000 tonnes Chlorine and 495.000 tonnes Caustic Soda in Runcorn, UK.

The new facility will make ICIG a leading producer of KOH in Europe, as ICIG already owns a KOH production facility at Potasse and Produits Chimiques SAS (PPC) in Thann, France. This unit is currently converting to membrane cells and is expected to be operational by October this year. ICIG will then be the only KOH producer with two production sites in Europe.

Dr. Achim Riemann, managing director of ICIG said: ‘With the conversion of the plant at Tessenderlo in addition to the conversion at Thann, ICIG demonstrates strong commitment to the KOH industry and its valued customers. Also for KOH derivatives such as Potash Carbonate and Potash Flakes ICIG is and will remain a leading supplier in Europe.’