Brussels - Solvay’s GBU Special Chem has launched a partnership with one of the world’s leading electronics producers, under which Solvay will build a high volume High Purity H2O2 plant in Italy to meet the fast growing demand of their facilities.
The electronic wet chemicals business has been a growth engine for the Solvay GBU Special Chem. Its technology and quality standards have been permanently upgraded following the needs of its customers in the semiconductor area and over the last four years new high purity plants have been built in Phosphoric Acid, H2O2, HF and Ammonium Fluoride in USA, Europe and China. As a result, the GBU’s sales of electronic wet chemicals have nearly doubled over this period and are expected to double again by 2018.
The GBU Special Chem supplies a range of products to the electronics industry including high purity fluor gases, rare earth oxides and dopants, electronic wet chemicals and active ingredients for passive components and for CMP and polishing slurries.

Steve Dobson, Business Manager Electronics for GBU Special Chem comments, “This is another welcome validation of our technology and demonstrates that we continue to support customers operating at the very leading edge of the electronics industry.”

Rodrigo Elizondo, Commercial Director of the GBU Special Chem adds, “We are looking forward to this new partnership and believe that this can in the future be extended to include additional locations and additional electronic materials.”