Uhde Inventa-Fischer has been awarded a major contract from the Polish chemical group Grupa Azoty to build a polyamide 6 plant. The multiline plant will be built at the company's headquarters in Tarnow, Poland, and will have a total capacity of 80,000 metric tons per year of polyamide 6 for film applications and engineering plastics.

The polymerisation plant will use Uhde Inventa-Fischer’s two-stage polyamide 6 process. The technological highlight of the plant will be the cost-effective, feedstock-saving Overproportional Refeeding Process (OPRP®) developed by Uhde Inventa-Fischer. This process allows the caprolactam extract that accumulates on all production lines to be fed back to a single line and polymerized to high-quality polyamide 6. The overall design concept enables the plant to be integrated into the existing industrial complex, thus allowing the use of existing infrastructure as well as the direct supply of the caprolactam feedstock that is produced in Grupa Azoty’s plant.

Uhde Inventa-Fischer’s scope of supplies includes the know-how license, basic engineering and supply of all equipment as well as supervision of the construction and commissioning activities.