Tîrgu  Mureș - Azomureş  celebrated  completion  of  the largest modernization  program  in  the  last  30  years,  through  an  event  organized  in Tȋrgu Mureş.

In  the  presence  of  authorities  and  the  chemical  plant’s  partners,  Azomureş, together  with  the Ameropa board, marked  the  beginning  of a  new  phase  with  the promising  perspective  of  better  productivity,  improved  products  and  reduction  of environment emissions.

The plant revamp ensures compliance with the new environmental regulations applicable from January 2016.
The  investments worth  € 240 million  included, among  others, modernization of key installations on the platform (such as the Urea plant and the Ammonia plant) and  building  of  a  new  industrial  water  treatment  station.  The  installations  will  be commissioned in December 2015. 

Azomureş  has  thus  reconfirmed  its  valuable  contribution  to  Romanian agriculture. In  this respect, over 70% of  the plant’s  fertilizer production goes  to  the Romanian market. Moreover, the plant for the new product, granular urea, which is
unique  in  South-Eastern  Europe,  has  been  completed.  Azomureş  will  continue  to actively support farmers, through technical assistance and the provision of different materials, to make adequate use of fertilizers.
This year, Azomureş ended an important phase in its evolution, a phase which consolidates the plant’s role in Romanian agriculture and its position among Europe’s top-ranking chemical plants.