Wynyard Park, UK - Today Huntsman celebrates the completion of its new 38 million Euro iron sulfate plant at its titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment manufacturing facility in Scarlino, Italy.  The new plant means Huntsman can now use a wider range of feedstock to produce its TIOXIDE® and ALTIRIS® pigments, reduce the generation of gypsum (a co-product), and convert spent acid from TiO2 pigment manufacturing into valuable iron sulfate products for the water treatment, animal feed and cement markets.

In addition to the new iron sulfate plant, a new state-of-the-art heat and power co-generation facility has been built by EDF Fenice, an energy services subsidiary of EDF Group, to provide electricity to the entire site. The operation of the new facilities is expected to reduce the carbon intensity of the site by around 30%.

Walter Musso, site director said; “This project has and continues to be supported by all local and regional authorities and our local government, the Province and Municipality. Their combined support was a key factor in securing the investment from Huntsman at the outset.  I am pleased that we have been able to create 15 new jobs at Scarlino site as a direct result of the development, and that approximately 30% of the investment has been spent with local contractors.”

Scott Anderson, Huntsman Pigments’ vice president for eco products and manufacturing and technology said, “The new plant will help to transform our efficiency, sustainability and cost effectiveness. It will help make the whole site more competitive and sustainable.”

Massimo Dini, project team leader said, “We have worked with Jacobs to deliver this project. There have been up to 150 contractors working on site on a daily basis and there have been no injuries or first aid incidents. We have achieved this excellent safety performance thanks to Huntsman’s Zero Harm safety program that involves everyone on site.” 

Construction work began in March 2013. The commissioning phase will last 2 - 3 months, and the plant will be fully operational in Q3 2014.