5, rue Henri Desbruères
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Global Bioenergies S.A., founded during October 2008 in Evry, is in the process of becoming an industrial group. The Company currently has four subsidiaries:

  • Wholly-owned Global Bioenergies GmbH is a German-registered company based in Leipzig. Its initial role is to build, then operate the industrial-scale demonstrator at the Leuna refinery. Its focus will then shift to specialized engineering services in gas fermentation. IBN-One, IBN-Two, IBN-n, which will operate the isobutene process, are expected to be its first customers. It is led by Ales Bulc, a manager with experience in engineering and industrial plant construction projects.
  • Wholly-owned, Syngip is a 3rd generation industrial biotech start-up created in 2014 in the Netherlands. It has developed a process to convert gaseous carbon sources such as CO2, CO, and industrial emissions such as syngas, into various valuable chemical compounds. Its major targets are light olefins, major petrochemical molecules, which include isobutene.
  • IBN-One S.A., initially established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Bioenergies S.A., was converted in May 2015 (via an increase in its capital) into a 50/50 joint venture with Cristal Union. The company has obtained a license from Global Bioenergies to operate the isobutene process at a plant producing 50,000 tonnes. IBN-One’s corporate purpose is to raise the funds required to build and operate this first commercial facility in France. It is led by Bernard Chaud, an industry veteran who has also spent several years of his career with the French ministry of agriculture.
  • IBN-Two GmbH was established in Munich (Germany). It has been set up as a vehicle for bringing together German industry players to raise financing for, build and operate the first bio-sourced isobutene production facility in Germany.

Global Bioenergies plans to replicate this model of setting up new subsidiaries, each in charge of building and operating a new plant. In each instance, the first round of fund-raising will provide finance for the plant’s engineering work, with the second round covering construction work and start-up phase. Global Bioenergies S.A. is expected to retain only a small equity holding in these subsidiaries and its role will be more that of a license holder and facilitator, rather than shareholder.

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